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Celebrity Spotlight…

A deep look into what moves the iconic figure, Bill Maher

Bill Mahr

     Chetan’s overview (below) of the celebrity figure, Bill Maher gives us a look at the essential impact he has had, and continues to have, on our culture.  When we look through the astrological matrix, we see the inner motivating factors that have contributed to shaping the course of Bill’s identity and life.  Briefly, because this should be obvious to anyone who knows him, Bill carries a natural genius that shines brightest when he is presenting on stage or television.  Artistically gifted, it was not his journey be a professional artist because he has a calling for awakening others to higher principles, which must be expressed in his lifetime.

     His life-purpose is to be a disrupter of the status quo, challenging outdated values and beliefs to shine light on a higher way; essentially he is here to teach others to develop wisdom.  It is widely known that he eschews marriage, or even long-term relationships in favor of entertaining a variety of sexual and romantic partners.  What is not well known is why.  Bill was born into a family in which his parents were at odds with each other and simply not well suited to be together.  With an unhappy, volatile and unpredictable mother and a father who was quasi-absent from his early childhood, and who could inexplicably become explosive, he simply had no model for a healthy, loving and mutually fulfilling love match.  Luckily for all of us, in this lifetime, his love nature is expressed though his art and through his entertaining, albeit sometimes scathing, myth-busting commentary. 

     We admire Bill Maher for his courage and commitment to the betterment of human life, and we could perhaps model some of his qualities, especially speaking up for our truth. 


A Human Design Look at Bill Maher

By Chetan Parkyn

     There are certain professions that have drawn to them negative associations for their practitioner’s intrinsic behavior patterns and untrustworthiness, in the recent years: these professions include lawyers, bankers (Wall Street and other places), priests and now, particularly, politicians.  Basically politicians are just civil servants entrusted to represent constituents because they are qualified in politics to do so. In actuality, they often pose as important people, whereas in truth, they are not. In America particularly these days, most of a politician’s time and energy often goes towards accumulating funds for re-election.  And unfortunately they mostly represent their own interests first by rewarding themselves lifetime pensions, health insurance and other perks, often leaving office with wealth that far exceeds anything they earned from their salary while in office. And no one can touch them.

     In these ridiculous circumstances, it is essential that politicians are made accountable for the trust placed in them, and no-one better to do this than Bill Maher.  If you have not encountered Bill Maher, he is a long-standing, hugely popular comedian and political commentator on the weird ways and behaviors of perverts, priests and politicians.  He hosts an HBO Cable show, Real Time, and sponsors Vice News, that both give a well-documented news commentary on diverse incidents and global stories, often from an extremely funny viewpoint.


Let’s Explore Bill’s Design:


     Bill Mahr Chart       A couple of things are immediately apparent in Bill’s Human Design Life Chart: He has a single Channel defined and active between two Centers, and, he has a rare 4/1 Profile, with his Conscious Sun in Gate 60, of Limitation.

     Anyone who has such an “open” Design is naturally empathic and is sensitive to much of the chaos of the world playing out around them. In Bill’s case, he has the single defined Channel (27 – 50) of Preservation and lives out the balancing act between Care-Giving and Care-Taking. He has Gate 27, Nourishment, active in the 1st Line, “Taking care of Number One,” which gives him caution in any tendency to overextend himself while taking care of everyone else.  His Gate 50, Values, is active in Line 2, “Standing Firm: Avoiding tempting distractions from your natural way,” and Line 5, “Enhancing: Maintaining alertness to recognize which values serve best.” (From The Book of Lines).

     By nature, Bill is someone who cares about the well-being of people, and can be seen to hold very set and deliberate stances on pointing out dysfunctional and outdated aspects of society.

His Life Theme (From the Book of Destinies, Discover the Life You Were Born To Live), is the rare “Fixed Life Theme of Restriction.”  

     Bill’s Life Theme gives him a natural fascination with all kinds of limitations, be they scientific, religious, political, systematic or experiential.  He has an aptitude to recognize where people can be held back in life by aligning themselves with beliefs, ideals and perspectives that do not serve them. Potentially overly serious at times, Bill also knows how important humor is in gaining a humane appreciation for man’s foibles.

     Briefly in other parts of Bill’s Design, he is sensitive to people’s real needs (Gate 19), Spirited (Gate 55), Progressive (Gate 35), Influential, (Gate 31), Stimulating (Gate 56), Insightful (Gate 43) and knows how to hold court (Gate 45). He has the gift to alter people’s opinions in a flash (Gate 18), and has an overflowing accumulation of knowledge to back up his pronouncements (Gate 48).  In these troubled times, he can be relied on to continue clear, humorous and direct commentary on any political shenanigans and posturing.  In his particular way, Bill Maher is a voice for reason and humanity in a mad world.


Planetary Cycles by Carola Eastwood


Planetary Energies in these Uncertain Times

February 2017

     2017 has begun with a world reeling from the shock of having Donald Trump inexplicably plopped into the role of the 45th U.S. President.  Another huge disrupter, the Donald is shaking the very foundation of our culture.  But, let’s take a look at the current planetary energies at play this month to see if we can discover the good that could possibly come out of this.

     One of the recurring themes we’ve been experiencing over the past five years is now reaching its’ last point of maximum intensity, bringing massive changes on a global scale.  During the first few months of the year, the planet of deep transformation, Pluto faces off once again in a tension-filled aspect with the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus.  Think millions of people marching in the streets of cities around the world, hundreds held up in airports across America, with Federal judges issuing decrees that are largely ignored by the White House, and new “orders’ being unceremoniously decreed with wild abandon, sending a confusing mixed message to a world in shock.  What good could possibly come of this?

     The wake-up call to a public lulled by television, a never ending panorama of new electronic toys, pharmaceuticals, misleading advertising and “news-speak” has arrived!  And the news carries the following message:  It is up to each one of us.  Having firmly entered a New Age, we are truly awakening, in masse to the undeniable truth that we actually are the masters of our own destiny. 

     During the month of February, we step into a time pregnant with the possibility of huge changes, not only on the world scale, but in our own lives as well.  On February 9 we have a lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo that will shed light on the ways we can each make a contribution to the greater good.  Revolutionary new ideas will be sparked, revealing creative and unconventional solutions, together with the practical steps forward to implement them. A new buzz at the ground level will be felt by people world-wide and a sense of being united in purpose will become a driving force.

     Toward the end of February, on the 26, we have an almost total solar eclipse in Pisces that challenges our inner beliefs about the great mysteries, prompting us to ask; ‘What is God, actually? And, what is the true nature of our relationship to God, and the nature of reality? What is the purpose of life itself and what is my unique place in the world?  Why and I here in these times of great upheaval and change?  As old traditional societal structures begin breaking down, exploring these mysteries and finding answers for ourselves will guide us to breakthroughs that free us to make our own unique contributions that contribute to the healing and transformation into which we are now being called.

The opportunity this month is to make significant changes and take leaps which are inspired by our innermost truth. You in?


Fertile February 2017


By Chetan Parkyn

  • From the Human Design perspective, the month of February provides a great boost for all things entrepreneurial.  If you have something on the back burner, it’s time to see how to shift it to the front.


  • The great importance for anything done at this time, is to only engage with people and projects that you sense (will) bring you fulfillment.


  • All kinds of ideas are floating around as to how we can make life more harmonious, and we can all benefit from a bit of introspection to find the source of our motivations, either for or against what can make our life more congruent.


  • Be alert for special meetings with people at this time, with the intention that when you part company, you know each other’s eye colors, meaning you’ve looked into each other’s hearts.


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