Newsletter – April 2017

Life has no meaning until you give it one…

The world is full of people who have made all kinds of contributions in all kinds of ways both creative and destructive. There are those who have become famous, and those to whom no one pays attention. For as many people as there are on earth, there are as many different ways in which life can be lived. We each have the distinctive honor, pleasure, passion, challenge, fun or trial to put our own stamp on our own life, and the only way to make that stamp stick is to be authentic.  The simplest way to recognize our authenticity is to know our Human Design, know how it works and to live according to what it tells us.  To live our life from the inside out, following the inner signals towards whatever they indicate for us.

Despite being caught up in show business through which most entertainers wear multiple masks, surely one of the most authentic people around is Ellen DeGeneres. Born in Metarie, Louisiana, Ellen completed high school, studied communication studies and took on all manner of different jobs and activities that she says provided a core of material for her comedic talents. She came out as gay on the Oprah Winfrey show in 1997, startling a world that was not used to such public announcements. Since that time, Ellen has hosted many televised events including the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. She has starred in movies, sitcoms, played multiple comedy shows and presently hosts The Ellen Show. In 2016 she was awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.

Ellen is born into The Interpersonal Life Theme of The Alpha**, giving her a natural leadership ability that inspires others to pay attention and follow. One of the great abilities for people with this Life Theme is to inspire imaginative and trustworthy leadership that points beyond the scope of most people’s restrictions and self-imposed limits.
It inspires people to excel.  Ellen has always been “pushing the envelope” of what society has considered safe and sensible boundaries and consistently inspires people to honor simplicity as well as greatness.

By Design, Ellen is a revolutionary at heart (Unconscious Moon in Gate 49), with a profound level of sensitivity (19 – 49), and caring (27 – 50).  She is deeply disturbed by what she sees as crass behaviors (28 – 38), and pours her energies into showing and often directly taking part in healing people’s heartaches (44 – 26). Her wonderful sense of humor is enhanced by her ability to watch changing trends (Unconscious Mars in Gate 32), and unfolding future fads (Unconscious Jupiter in Gate 57). Spontaneous and quick, her Unconscious Saturn in Gate 5, gives her that miraculous gift of many comediennes: timing.  Shy and bold simultaneously (Conscious and Unconscious Pluto in Gate 59), she can leave her audiences shocked and spellbound with her conscious Moon’s reflections in Gate 51.

In the undefined parts of her Life Chart, Ellen gives great guidance and tells stories from her Gates 31 and 33, by drawing secrets, insights, and commentary from her guests. With her Chiron in Gate 13, The Listener, and Line 4, The Whisperer, she has that extraordinary gift of knowing what people need to do to feel healed…. most times without them ever having to tell her.  Full of ideas concerning the balances and imbalances between male and female perspectives (Unconscious Venus and Conscious Mars in Gate 11), she has the mental ability to consider deeply all aspect of humanity’s motivations, struggles and achievements (Unconscious Earth and South Node in Gate 24).

Ellen’s “open” Self Center makes her “all things to all people.” Everyone is able to see whoever they want to see in her.  She gives a perfect reflection of each individual’s personal characteristics, so whether you feel inclined to like her or not is entirely up to you!  She is, after all, reflecting aspects of you back to yourself!

In these times when the power of the feminine has to rise to bring balance to the overly male dominated world, it is wonderful to have Ellen remind us that life need not be a serious business.  She insists on offering us opportunities to grow in ourselves and laugh at the many funny things that constantly happen around us.

For the month of April

By Chetan Parkyn

A Snapshot of the Human Design Energies for April

  • April 6th sees Saturn turn retrograde in Gate 11*, Peace, Harmony and Ideas in Line 6, Being Flexible, reminding us that our beliefs lead us to our life experiences, and if our beliefs are out of date for any reason, we can change them all by ourselves!
  • Mercury’s retrograde on April 10th in Gate 27, Nourishment, and Line 4, Being Bounteous, reminds us to be grateful for our lives, the meetings, the connections, and the opportunities we have through all our experiences.
  • Venus turns direct on April 15th in Gate 36, Crisis Resolution, and Line 5, “Shielding: Enduring disagreeable situations sensibly leads you to eventual fortune,” reminding us all that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and to be intelligent, loving and graceful on our way there.
  • Pluto turns retrograde on April 19th in Gate 54, Ambition, and Line 5, Finding Spirituality, enhancing our realization that yes, we can become fully awakened to our pure consciousness.
  • A special date for our awakening to new appreciation is April 23rd, when the Moon and Venus conjoin in Gate 25, Innocence, and Line 1, Loving: Living without ulterior motives….


*All quotes taken from The Book of Lines.

** From The Book of Destinies.

Planetary Cycles

By Carola Eastwood

Planetary Energies in these Changeable Times

April 2017

The most common question I get today, is, what is going on….why is there so much chaos in the world? The last American Presidential election process certainly rocked our world and sent a wake-up call to all of humanity, but if we look deeply at the larger cycles in this second decade of the 21st Century, it makes perfect sense that collectively, humanity needs to be soul-searching now. We are in a massive global awakening of unprecedented proportions, and the writing is on the wall: Each of us is either a part of the problem, or a part of the solution. So, the question of the day is, “If I am to be a part of the solution, how shall I contribute?”

Two important cycles in the month of April potentially provide us with valuable insight into the specific choices and steps we have before us in the arenas of our relationships and finances. Last month, on March 5, the planet Venus began her retrograde (apparent backwards motion), in the sign of Aries, bringing our experience of money and our love life, into review. This process of assessment continues through April 15, and the understandings and insight we gather now, will serve us well in the coming times.

The questions to be pondering now are: How important is love and romantic relationship in our lives? How much time and positive energy do we spend on cultivating high-quality relationships? And, how is our money flow related to our capacity to love and be loved? Perhaps the most potent contribution to humanity any of us can be making now is to bring more love into expression. Shedding light on patterns of relating that are ripe for up-leveling and transformation, the full moon in Libra on April 10 provides great opportunities for each of us to discover specifically how, we need to transform our old beliefs about love and money.

Adding to the climate of self-reflection, the planet of communication, Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus on April 9 and will remain in apparent backwards motion for the rest of the month and until May 3. Mercury symbolizes how we connect ourselves into our world and thus, how we communicate, including the technology we use to facilitate communication, as well as how we move ourselves around in our environment, so it includes our automobiles and all transportation methods.

Mercury’s apparent backwards motion creates an opportunity for reflection, updating and completions, inspiring us to “clear our plates” so we get current and therefore, more present. Use this time to update your systems, complete necessary communications, clean out your desk and closets, buy new equipment, and to do strategic future planning, but not to jump into brand new contracts or projects. This time is for closing one chapter, so a new one has the space to birth and unfold in the coming busy month of May!

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