Mark Zuckerberg, Human Design and the Pursuit of Connection

As chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world’s most successful internet entrepreneurs. Thanks to the Academy Award-winning movie the Social Network, many people are already familiar with the details of his story. But what about the story behind the story? What really motivates such a meteoric rise to digital domination? For Mark Zuckerberg, Human Design holds the answers.

The Mark Zuckerberg Human Design at a Glance

Born in the Interpersonal Life Theme of Dedication with a 6/2 Profile and Projector Design, Mark lives a very particular and individual life in which he constantly aims to be thorough in completing whatever he does, without necessarily following anyone else’s rules or belief systems.

With his defined Channel, 43-23, called Individual Expression, activated with his Sun and Earth in 6th Lines, Mark is constantly downloading new ideas and concepts. It can be very difficult for certain people, particularly those of an older generation, to keep track of his exploits and understand what he is relaying into the world, without him talking in very basic terms. Hence Mark’s often apparent state of perplexion when being interviewed by the older, more fossilized members of government.



With his Conscious Venus activating Gate 2, of Receptivity, with Line 3, in an undefined Self Center, he has always been fascinated by women, appreciating that they, particularly, can give him great guidance. Mark actually started Facebook as a means of grading women on a University campus in terms of their attractiveness. And in a somewhat ironic twist, one of the upshots of Facebook is that it has opened a whole new arena for women to communicate and be heard globally. The acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram means they can do so in private or in public.

His fascination with women and relationships generally is accentuated by three undefined Centers: The Self (who am I and where is life taking me), the Willpower Center (what do I want out of life?), and the open Emotions Center (What do I feel?).

With these three Centers undefined or open, close relationships for Mark are always a bit of a mystery, until he finds someone whom he can trust 100%. Once the trust is established, he is likely to be relaxed, expansive, extremely humorous, and great company.

Without that trust, Mark has to stick to his Splenic, Intuitive, and Instinctive awareness, through which he can instantly read who is with him and who is not; who gets his vision and downloads, and who does not.

Defined Channel of “Stubbornness”

His defined Channel 28-38, of “Stubbornness,” aims him towards recognizing the essential nature of human rights, in that he abhors untruth and unfairness. He is the “fastest person in the room” with his defined Spleen Center, and is constantly seeking to refine people’s senses of community values with his Pluto in Gate 50, termed: Values that bring Stability, and Line 4, “Qualifying; Presence is needed in upholding right values in sorry circumstances.”

It is said that the Soviet Union could no longer function once 30% of the population had access to a telephone. There is no question that Mark created and is running something that affects the whole world. If the internet made the world available, Social media, and the Facebook stable, provide the direct channels of communication. But in this world of openness and access, Mark has run into issues that rub up against his innate sense of fairness. We saw this play out in his internal struggle with placing warnings on misleading content on his site. On the one hand, he doesn’t want to feel like he is censoring his users or stifling the flow of open communication. But on the other, he feels obligated to protect people from things that might be dangerous or counterproductive.

In Mark Zuckerberg, Human Design shows us an innovator and a highly creative presence for these times when the world needs to come together, whatever it takes.

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