Learning Human Design and Achieving Total Abundance

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Learning Human Design is a proven way to boost your abundance in life. But what does that mean? ‘Abundance’ can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, it simply means financial and material wealth. To others, abundance means a life filled with fulfilling relationships and mutual love and support. So, just to define our terms, what I mean by ‘abundance’ in this post is ‘total abundance’. By which I mean a combination of both material wealth and fulfilling relationships, AS WELL AS spiritual abundance: a balanced, harmonious, awakened spiritual life.



Is Total Abundance Even Possible?

Now, you might be thinking, “Hold on, I’m having enough trouble achieving abundance in just one area of my life. Now you want me to achieve it all at once!?”

I hear you. I know it might sound overwhelming. And I have certainly gone through patches in my life where improving one aspect of my life proved detrimental to others, where dedicating too much time to my career goals meant having less energy to spend on maintaining my personal relationships and working on my inner harmony. But, here’s the thing: that was before I started learning Human Design and began living according to my true purpose in life.


Eliminating Resistance

So how do we go about achieving total abundance? In simple terms, inviting abundance means eliminating resistance. There is always something standing between you and your desired destination. Whether it’s a business decision that went wrong, or an inability to communicate with a loved one, we can always point to moments of resistance on our quest for abundance. But what we often fail to do is recognize that, more often than not, these moments of resistance are manifested from within. By failing to recognize our true purpose and live according to our natural design, we put roadblocks in our own way. That is why learning Human Design is such a powerful part of our search for abundance.


How Can Learning Human Design Help?

What Human Design does is strip away the learned thought-processes and indoctrinated actions that continually foil our plans. In revealing the core essence of your being, and the exact ways in which you were designed to succeed in life, Human Design allows you to discover the many ways in which you have been acting against your own interest in life and gives you the blueprint for avoiding these missteps in the future. Like straightening out a kink in a garden hose, living according to your design allows you to recognize and remove impediments and flow freely toward achieving the abundance you’re after.


Image with World is Unpredictable Quote


And here’s the best part: once you are fully aligned with your true purpose in life, and have your Human Design roadmap to guide you, it no longer becomes a matter of choosing wealth over fulfillment or spiritual balance over chasing a payday. That’s because when you are attuned to your soul’s purpose in this life, you begin to naturally follow the path that leads to total abundance. You gain an internal sense of how to navigate through this world in a way that invites spiritual harmony, wealth, and healthy relationships all at once—and you don’t even have to chase it! If you follow your Design, abundance comes to you!


If you’d like to experience this powerful phenomenon for yourself, get your free Human Design report, and begin inviting abundance into your own life today.






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