Human Design Training And The Art of Harnessing Inspiration


What is Inspiration



What is inspiration? Where does it come from? And how can we harness it? In this week’s blog post, we explore inspiration, and how Human Design Training can help you use it to benefit your life.


If you’ve ever been struck by inspiration, you know there is almost nothing else in the world quite like it. It can come out of the blue and hit you when you least expect it. And when it happens, it’s like magic. Everything just falls into place. Whether it’s an idea for a business or invention, or an idea for a work of art, it’s as though it flows right through you and arrives fully formed in the real world.


But where does it come from? God? The muses? The Universe’? Or is it from within—a hidden spark within the Subconscious? These questions alone illustrate the fleeting and nebulous nature of inspiration. And the answer is that no one really knows for sure. It’s as mysterious as it is difficult to predict and control.


Guide Your Inspiration



But what if there were a way to guide your own inspiration? A way to essentially inspire yourself to become inspired? That’s where Human Design Training can help.


There are a number of ways in which we can learn to quiet our minds and open ourselves to inspiration. From yoga and meditation practices to simple things like reading, experiencing powerful art, and taking long thoughtful walks alone. But among all of the possible methods for gaining more access to inspiration, the Human Design System stands head and shoulders above the rest.


That’s because Human Design Training grants us access to the entire range of our intricate personalities. It gives us detailed insight into exactly who we are, where we stand in the universe, and why.


Our Unique Place



Once we are able to fully understand ourselves and our relationship to the universe, it no longer matters where inspiration comes from. If inspiration is the product of divine/universal forces, we have now attuned ourselves to our unique place in the flow of universal energy, and as such are open and ready to receive its inspired messages. If inspiration does indeed come from within, we are equally ready to receive and cultivate it, because we have explored the vast reaches of our inner-selves and have come into alignment with our inborn truth.




This is not to say that we suddenly gain the ability to snap our fingers and call forth the powers of inspiration. What it does mean is that we become better at listening to the voice of inspiration. We are able to peel away those layers of noise and confusion that cloud our receptiveness to inspiration and in turn, we become better prepared to recognize inspiration and put it to use in our lives. And when we are fully aligned with our Human Design, we are empowered to harness inspiration in ways that benefit us the most. So not only do we become more receptive to inspiration, but we also become equipped to maximize it in our lives.


If you’ve ever struggled with writer’s block or any form of inspiration-frustration, we urge you to look into Human Design Training Here. In our own experience, it has helped to open up the floodgates of inspiration. And as a result, we no longer wonder if inspiration will strike, it’s only a matter of when. And the results have been monumental for both our business and our personal life.





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