Human Design Channels and the Life of Oprah Winfrey



What are Human Design Channels? And what can they tell us about our lives? A look at the life-story of Oprah Winfrey can tell us quite a bit about the role Human Design Channels can play in our lives.


In Human Design, every Chart contains 36 Channels. However, in the typical Life Chart only a few of these Channels are “Defined”, or colored in. These defined Channels represent permanent aspects of your nature. Learning the meaning of each of your Defined Channels gives you a clear picture of what makes you uniquely different in the world.


And when we look at Oprah’s Chart and consider her life, one of her Defined Human Design Channels (19-49) stands out in particular. And this channel has to do with emotional sensitivity and empathy.



If Recent History Is Any Indication

Empathy is something that is sorely missing from our culture in general. But how do we teach, learn, and transmit empathy? This has traditionally been the purview of artists, writers, and filmmakers. But, unfortunately, arts education is also something that’s tumbled off the list of priorities in our culture.


While this might be a tragedy of sorts in its own right, it has opened the door for other ambassadors of interpersonal communication. And in walks Oprah.


The Oprah Winfrey show is one of the most successful and highly watched TV shows of all time. It has been instrumental in breaking through social and cultural barriers and bringing subjects that were once considered taboo (such as gay and lesbian issues) into the mainstream conversation. Her rise to the pinnacle of success has also made her a powerful role model for women, and black American women in particular.


And she has done it all with grace. Her intimate and sometimes confessional style of media communication, as well as her willingness to confront her detractors, not with vitriol, but with conversation, has made her one of the most imitated and respected people in the American media landscape.


One major aspect of her success is her ability to empathize with her guests and with her viewers. She has an effortless ability to feel, understand, and communicate the pain of others in a way that transcends class, race, gender, and other social barriers.


Oprah’s Defined 19-49 Channel makes her an extremely sensitive person, particularly in terms of emotions. It might be fair to say she is actually hypersensitive to the world around her.


This Defined Channel can make it possible for people to know the needs of others better than they know themselves. And people with this Defined Channel can often find themselves bridging gaps in other people’s lives, opening up doorways in their search for meaning in life.


Oprah’s Personal Journey

When one takes this into account and considers Oprah’s own personal journey, it’s easy to understand how she is able to so sincerely connect with the painful stories of others.


Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi, and had a difficult childhood to say the least. Raised in extreme poverty, Oprah spent her early years playing with her pet cockroaches and a doll made from a dried-out corn cob. She was relentlessly mocked at school for wearing overalls made from potato sacks, which earned her the nickname ‘Sack Girl’.


Then, she was sent to live with her mother, and things got even worse. At age nine, she was raped by her cousin. And after that she was continuously sexually abused by other relatives and family friends.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Oprah struggled as a teenager. She was sent to a juvenile detention center and she became pregnant at 14. And to further compound her struggles, the baby was prematurely stillborn.


A Talent for Communication

Still, she harbored a preternatural talent for communication. When she was young, her fellow churchgoers dubbed her “the Preacher” due to her skill at public reading and speaking. She also once confessed to interviewing the birds that used to perch themselves outside her childhood bedroom window. And one day, at age 17, the stars aligned to put her talents to use. When visiting a radio station, she jokingly read the news on air. As soon as she finished, the station offered her a job.


After working briefly as a news anchor, she was given the chance to take over a failing daytime talk show. The Oprah Winfrey Show was born


In recent years, her show has focused primarily on self-improvement, spirituality, and self-help. Still. Adept as ever at getting to the core of the people she interviews, Oprah continues to highlight stories of those who have suffered, remained strong, and pulled themselves out of the mire and into the light. And she continues to do so in a way that connects individual points of pain with the greater constellation of human experience, a way that makes the personal feel universal. Not so bad for the Sack Girl from Mississippi.


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