How Your Human Design Affects Your Health - Part 2

In Part One of this series, we started a discussion about how your Human Design affects your health with an explanation of defined and undefined center and the Heart or Willpower Center. Now we are going to continue our journey through the Centers and look how they correlate to certain aspects of our body and health.


The Solar Plexus, the Emotional Center


Emotions rule the world. Whoever gets the most upset, has the most power, since the rest of us will immediately try anything to calm them down, knowing that if we don’t, there will be consequences. The emotions are extraordinarily powerful and can be said to be linked for all wars, domestic strife, rage, and fighting, as well as digestive issues, addictions of all sorts, breathing disorders, immune disorders, and perhaps even autism.  

Babies learn very early that if they require something, want some attention, they merely have to throw a tantrum to get results. It is inevitable that we all suffer some degree of emotional bruising during our lifetime; that is just a normal part of being human, because life has its ups and downs, but a most important thing is to realize that we all need to become emotionally mature before we do some serious damage to ourselves and this planet.

The Emotions, Solar Plexus Center registers the highs and lows of life. It is where we get to experience the pleasures and disasters of life through food, relationships, sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, and all kinds of thrills and spills. Life would be dull indeed without these experiences, but we know that, in the end, none of these experiences bring lasting satisfaction, and yet, either we still tend to pursue them or put great energy in trying to avoid them altogether!

The Emotions Center can be seen to be the Center of addictions of all kinds. These days, the world seems to be driven harder than ever in its thirst to witness and indulge in extreme experiences, and sensationalist-driven media often puts these extremes right in our faces.  

A defined EmotionDefined EMOs Center generates a wave pattern, touching between the highs and lows of life: the highs are the hopes, expectations and delights, and the lows are the pains, disasters and depressions.

What goes up, comes down as a natural law of life: if you go up, then you also go down. If you are 'attached' to any expectations of what the experience is supposed to do for you while going up, inevitably you are 'attached' to disappointments or lack of fulfillment while going down when the experience is over, leading potentially to being depressed or addicted to re-doing whatever just finished.

If you go up without any attachment and expectation, you can be unattached on the downturn, so the experience remains just an experience. This gives you the possibility of finding a place of clarity and delight in your emotions, opening a gateway to a rich and rewarding lifetime of experiences. An experience is just an experience, live it totally with responsibility, and walk on to the next one.

If you have a defined Emotions Center, it is essential for you to understand that you are continually producing emotional waves, setting the tone of the emotional atmosphere around you. That is your nature. So, if you are in a good mood, you will see that everyone around you is in a good mood, but if you are feeling grumpy and upset, you will tend to emanate that wave of emotion around you. Sometimes you are excellent company to be around, and other times, you are not such good company.

In the latter case, it implies that sometimes it is far healthier for everyone, and especially for you, if you give yourself a little space to yourself until the mood shifts, the wave rises (as it inevitably does) and you feel like "joining in" again.

People with a defined Emotions Centers are constantly processing the highs and lows of life. This process requires time for reflection, and when given that time, it yields some of the most profound views of life. Clarity from an emotional perspective can lead to profound wisdom.     Undefined Emotional Center

An undefined or open (no Gates activated) Emotions Center picks up and amplifies the emotional waves being produced by people with defined Emotions Centers. If the atmosphere created by people with defined Emotions Centers is high, up on the wave and excited, the person with an undefined Emotions Center will feel emotionally ecstatic; however, when the emotional waves and the atmosphere falls, the person with the undefined Emotions Center crashes emotionally.

If you have an undefined Emotions Center, it is essential to comprehend something: Yes, you can express emotions, yes, you can express these feelings that course through you, but, no, you cannot necessarily stabilize and control them whenever you choose, because they are being triggered by the people in the environment around you. It is so easy to get swept away on other people’s emotions, especially if you forget to pay attention to your own perfect Authority (decision-making process).

Sooner rather than later, everyone will see how essential it is to relate intelligently to our clear emotional nature as humans. We have often been taught that life is serious, that experiencing pleasure is a sin, and this misunderstanding stems from being emotionally confused. It is high time to move past this short-sighted and misinformed viewpoint.  

The Root Center

The Root Center in Human Design relates specifically to the Adrenal glands, which, among other things, supply the pressure that gets us into motion to provide for ourselves in this world. The adrenals connect us particularly to the deep underlying fear of whether we are going to "make it" in life or not. Does God/Existence remember us, or do we have to make a particular effort to be included in the scheme of things?

The Root Center is the Center of Stress! In the 21st Century, the Root Center has become the Center of Stress! Burned out adrenals are no fun, so understanding the place of pressure-to-act and stress in the Human Design chart can be a very valuable study.  

It could be arguUnDefinedRooted that people with an undefined Root Center are 'born procrastinators’ who argue that if there is no pressure or urgency for something to get done, then why stir? If the taxi to the airport is coming in 5 minutes, then it’s probably time to pack. Within your own makeup if you have an undefined Root Center, you do not necessarily have consistent pressure to get things started, and you need to be particularly careful about what deadlines you agree to meet and how much impetus is going to be required to get you there.

Committing to unrealistic deadlines causes uncalled-for stress that if you have an undefined Root Center you’re not necessarily equipped to handle.   DefinedRootIf you have a defined Root Center, it implies that you are someone who is not only equipped to handle pressure and even stress but who also can promote pressure and maybe stress in the lives of people who have their Root Center undefined!

This is neither a good nor a bad thing, because all of us from time to time need to access adrenaline energy, otherwise nothing much would get done! It is just that a defined Root Center exerts the impetus for something to get launched, and if you have an undefined Root Center, you may well get set into motion unwittingly, trying to live successfully according to someone else's deadline!

If you have the Root Center defined, depending on which channel(s) define(s) the Root Center, there will be a particular drive, either through the Emotions Center, where an emotional charge is added to the drive towards accomplishments, or through the Spleen Center, where energy is exerted to revitalize the intuitive senses and the body’s lymph and survival system, or through the Sacral, Sex Center, where the source of Generator, Life Force Energy and the “gut response” is engaged.

Irrespective of which Channel(s) define(s) the Root Center, you must always remember that it is a pressure that you can either engage, or not, according to your Type and Authority. Consistently running on stress will eventually be debilitating for you and everyone around you, and all of us know perfectly well that if we succumb to stress we will most likely soon find ourselves getting sick!  


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Have you felt the "Emotional Wave" of someone with a Defined Emotional Center?  How about if you're undefined, have you experienced someone else's? Or is that Root Center pressuring you to get moving?