How Your Human Design Affects Your Health - Part 1

Good health is not a guarantee for us, even though the human being is an incredibly resilient and versatile species. Our bodies can survive and prosper in all kinds of diverse environments; eat and digest an enormous spectrum of foods and liquids. Yet, we can still be prone to disease.

The implication of the word 'dis-ease' is that we are made to feel uncomfortable within our body when we allow certain anomalies (viruses or harmful bacteria, for example) to penetrate its working mechanism. Many older people, when asked what are the greatest qualities of life, will always say that health is the most important thing. Guarding and nourishing our health is of primary importance. So keeping anomalies at bay is a very worthwhile endeavor.

This article is not written from a medical point of view, neither from a Western perspective, which is a medical system that has evolved in large part from a military presence on battlefields, nor an Eastern perspective, which has evolved from a meditative, empathic, holistic and more abstract viewpoint. It is written from the perspective of Human Design. This is the first of a multi-part series of articles on Health in the current Millennium.


Defined and Undefined

Defined / Undefined Centers | Human DesignIn Human Design, each of the nine Centers relates directly to an organ or gland within us. What we find is that there is an enormous difference between a Center that is defined (colored in) and a Center that is undefined (white). When a Center is defined, it means that the function relating to that Center is turned on, reliable, and consistently available at all times.

When a Center is undefined, it means that the function relating to that Center is inconsistent; it is NOT always available. The undefined Center only becomes activated when another person (who has that Center defined in their own Design) comes into the presence of the person with the undefined Center, or when a transiting planet completes a definition. When this happens, the undefined Center is temporarily defined and therefore active.

All of us are subjected to "healthy" and "unhealthy" environments and we each respond to those environments according to our own personal makeup. When we have an undefined Center in our Design, we are prone to taking on and absorbing the energies relating to that Center.

When we are in an environment that is "unhealthy" we need to be aware of the potentially "dis-easing" effect of those around us. This is not to suggest that we should go through our lives keeping everyone at arm's length, but rather, it is to make clear that each of us has to take responsibility for our own being, our own wholeness. For instance, if we have undefined Mental Centers in our Human Design, there is absolutely no point in trying to rationalize our way through life with our minds, because we are surely processing other people's thoughts. (More on this in a future installment.)  


The Heart

Heart Center | Human DesignThe human heart is an amazing organ. It provides our very pulse, and keeps the river of life flowing through us. Thus, it is one of the saddest statements in the world that, according to medical statistics, heart disease ranks highest on the list of diseases that affect humans. It seems a tragedy that this part of us should be so prone to disease. In Human Design terms, the Heart Center is the place within us from which we derive our willpower; it is the place within our makeup from which we draw the willingness to proceed and select what holds value for us, and what we 'want' to do within our lives.

The Heart by Design If one looks at the Heart Center in the Human Design Life Chart, it is apparent that there are only four channels that make an energetic connection to it. There is the 40-37, the Community, Family channel which connects to the Emotions, Solar Plexus Center (the large triangle Center on the right of the Chart). Next, there is the 44-26, the Transmitter Channel, which connects to the Splenic, Immune Center (the large triangle Center on the left of the Chart).

The third channel is the 51-25, the Initiation Channel which connects into the Self or the Liver Center (the Diamond Center in the middle of the chart). The last one is the 21-45, The Money Channel, which connects to the Throat or the Thyroid Center (the square Center above the Self Center and below the Mind Center). Out of 36 potential channels in the Human Design Energetic makeup, only four give access to the Heart Center, our place of Willpower. If one considers this from a statistical point of view, there is a low possibility of anyone having a definition into their Heart Defined Heart Center | Human DesignCenter.

Most people in the world do not have a defined Heart Center, we’re talking 70% have an undefined Willpower Center and do not have access consistently to their own source of willpower. The results of this fact are plain: I f you have a defined Heart Center, you can access your willpower, and, hopefully, apply it successfully within the context of the rest of your Design. I say 'hopefully,' because it is vital to consider your Type, your consistent means of accessing the world around you, and your Authority, your personal decision-making process. (This has been discussed in previous articles, and can be found in your Comprehensive Report. To get your own, visit ) Undefined Heart Center | Human Design

With an undefined Heart Center, committing to something or someone becomes entirely relative to your environment. Your life presence here is one in which you do not have to prove anything to anyone, neither to yourself, to your parents, or your boss, or your family….not anyone! There IS nothing to prove to anyone. If you don’t believe this, remember the last time you tried to prove how great you were to someone… did you lose, or, at the very least go away with feeling empty inside?

This is just an illustration that if you have an undefined Heart Center, you cannot consistently apply willpower into your world. If you attempt to do so, you will undoubtedly end up (physically) straining your heart, and the mechanisms related to it.    

I always tease people with an undefined Heart Center, telling them that if they should ever, for any apparent reason, feel the urge to go out and prove something, they would do far better to just find some Bach Flower remedies or homeopathic remedies that reduce their sense of willfulness. Or do the English thing, make a cup of tea, have a good laugh and sit down... for they will immediately feel much better!  


Your Design Reading Can Help

An awareness of your Design shows you continuously where in your makeup you are vulnerable to disease and how to make simple adjustments in your life to avoid, counter and treat any disease.

Of one thing every healer is assured and most agree: humor is the best medicine, thus, it is very important to not take oneself too seriously! Old Mrs. Grumblebum goes without fail every day to visit her doctor. The doctor, a very patient man, humors her, listens quietly and sometimes gives her medicines. One day, Mrs. Grumblebum doesn't show up. The next day, the doctor asks, "Where were you yesterday? I missed you!" I'll tell you the truth," replies Mrs. Grumblebum, "I was sick!" Sickness is the body's way of cleansing. It is a natural process. Our great meditation in this life is to make sure that we catch the "right" sicknesses that cleanse our body in a "right" way.

A comprehension of your Human Design indicates to you immediately where you are consistent in all aspects of your life (defined Centers), and where you are potentially vulnerable (undefined Centers) and therefore susceptible to taking on things that can cause you dis-ease.