Bernie Sanders Human Design – Part 2 . . .

The ‘race’ to the White House goes on amidst global changes, in climate, politics and religions, and in this artickle we continue looking into Bernie Sander’s Human Design Life Chart. 

If we look at the top of Bernie’s Life Chart, we see the Crown Center, the white triangle pointing upwards, and we see Gate 64 and Gate 63 activated there, with his Conscious Sun, his Conscious Earth and also his Unconscious (genetically-inherited) Mars.

The Crown Center delivers inspirations for us to figure out what to do with them by using our mental abilities; the Conscious Sun placement can be considered to be the area our lives in which we shine, so this is where Bernie ‘radiates,’ the Conscious Earth, where he grounds himself and sees potentially practical applications (for his inspirations), and the Unconscious Mars (as in any Life Chart) can be said to represent an extraordinary personal ability, that might also be a debility if it is not faced and utilized with clarity.

Starting with the Sun : wherever the Conscious Sun shows up in a Life Chart is where 70% of the person’s potential energy source resides. In Bernie’s Chart, his Crown Center is undefined, implying that Bernie does not always have direct access to the inspirations that he receives.

He gains access to his Crown Center when he is interacting with people who have their Crown Centers defined, or who make connection though either Gate 4 of Solutions, or Gate 47 of Realizations.

So Bernie is almost constantly in the position of holding the question : “What if……?” ready for anyone who sees where he is pointing, and gets an urge to do something about it, either to provide a solution or establish a realization that action or at least a shift in attitude needs to take place there.

For anyone with an “isolated” Conscious Sun in their Chart, (with their Conscious Sun in an undefined Center), there is a huge pull to want to have access to their Sun’s energy, and therefore they have a tendency to commit to almost anyone who makes the connection for that to happen.

In Bernie’s case, he has Gate 64, of ‘Diverse Possibilities,’ in Line 5, ‘Being Exemplary : Constantly persistent, you shine brightly from an inner resolve : You realize that your inner light can be shone outwards to disperse other people’s confusions.’ ** In other words, Bernie is persistently offering multiple possibilities and viewpoints for others’ consideration, and doing so from a place of conviction and personal integrity.  He notices anything that is inadequate, limiting or dysfunctional and has the means to point out there are alternative systems, processes and ideologies that can improve status-quo conditions and set things to more equitable rights.

With his Conscious Earth and Unconscious Mars in Gate 63 of Doubts, Critical Perception, and Line 5 of ‘Being Beneficent : Considering sincerity above showiness ; Great achievements are possible if you candidly examine your doubts and actions on the way.’ Although Bernie can easily hold the spotlight, it is his stance that really gains peoples’ attention.

And with the Mars activation : ‘Being Beneficent : You might easily forget to have a heartfelt celebration when you complete your endeavors.’ Bernie does not necessarily stop and appreciate when he has made significant breakthroughs in establishing improvements in people’s life situations, thus his team and supporters are encouraged to remind him to value any victories he has.

Bernie’s Mind Center is open, implying that there are no activations there.  He is “open-minded,” and therefore unlike most people, unattached to any particular mental constraints, opinions or beliefs. With this open Mind Center he can mentally resolve any issue according to its actual needs and without prejudice.

Moving to the undefined Throat Center, there are five activated Gates that give Bernie a range of different expressions, from an urgency in Gate 20, of The “Now”; clear guidance in how to proceed towards a better future in Gate 31, of Influence; Personal example in Gate 8, of Contribution; Communal responsibility in Gate 45 of Gathering Together, and an authoritative expression of knowledge in Gate 23, of Assimilation.

Bernie’s undefined Spleen Center has a single activation in Gate 32, of Duration, indicating that he always has his finger on the pulse of current changes.  His undefined Sacral Center contains two activations in Gate 42 of Growth and Increase in which he furthers the lives of everyone who associates and works with him, and in Gate 9 of Applied Details, through which can be said that he notices essential aspects and facets that others overlook entirely.

In his undefined Root Center, Bernie has activation in Gate 39, of Provocation, through which he effortlessly ‘pushes the buttons’ of anyone who is stuck in the status quo; and in his undefined Emotions Center, he has Gate 6, Conflict Resolution, through which he consistently finds himself mediating others’ quarrels, and Gate 36, Crisis Resolution, where he has become accomplished in dealing with people’s emotional turmoil and distrust.

Bernie has Self-Projected Authority, implying that he has to follow his own truth, whether or not he receives any encouragement, approval and accolades for that.  He has sensitivity to a very quiet, inner, personal decision-making process that is exactly aligned with his own passage through life.  He has to follow his own inner guidance among all the noise and fuss that the world around him makes.  Only Bernie can know if a situation or environment merits his attention or presence.

All Projectors live in an environment of ‘Invitation,’ both given and received…..and it is up to each Projector to attune to the milieus and individuals who are attuned to them, through knowing the makeup of their own particular Design intimately.  When a Projector finds the people and environments that are in harmony with them, they have the means to be included either by being invited, or by checking their own Design and particularly their Authority to see if they are drawn to be included or involved.  In Bernie’s case, with his Heart Center defined to his Self Center through the Channel of Initiation, Questing for Unity, his personal life journey is directly aligned to what brings unanimity, singularity and empowered individuality to the people around him.

Bernie’s Channel of Initiation involves transformational growth, not only in Bernie’s life, but in the lives of anyone who hears or interacts with him.  Bernie is an agent for dramatic change from old patterns, beliefs, mutual agreement and disagreement, to individual responsibility.

It is no wonder that he rattles the cages of the status quo and the members of the American Congress and Senate whose lives are tied to ‘old boy’s networks,’ and mutual admiration and detraction clubs.

Just as Bernie keeps Hillary Clinton on her toes through his unflagging Quest for Unity while they compete for the presidency, in the best of combinations, he would make a great partner with her to keep the ideals of these Unites States in expansive, honorable and creative mode….by the people, for the people, as is the core and foundation of the principles of this Democracy.

And that potential partnership is perhaps another story for another time….. We’ll see.

** All Gate and Line information for The Book of Lines, a 21st Century View of the IChing – https://humandesignforusall.com/book-lines-1

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