Bernie Sanders

In American politics particularly, nothing can be taken for granted except politicians’ ways of stirring up moral indignation and outrage.  As to whether the outrage has anything to do with the politician’s own moral code, or if they are just chasing poll numbers and approval ratings is often beside the point.  Stirring emotions is the name of the game.  When emotions are sufficiently stirred, money follows, and politicians are funded to continue with their mix of indignation and assurances, most of which have little if anything to do with eventual outcomes affecting the majority of the electorate.

After religion and banking, politics is one of the most successful businesses on earth, so before we start contributing our time, money and effort to someone else’s cause, it is worth having a look at who is getting this love, attention and business from us.

In previous articles we’ve looked into Vladamir Putin’s, Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s Life Charts.  In this article, we are going to examine Bernie Sander’s Design and see what is driving this impassioned man.

Born in New York in 1941, Bernie entered the world in the Interpersonal Life Theme of Dominion. 

Anyone born into this Incarnation Theme is equipped to naturally take charge of situations playing out in theirs’ and others’ lives, and from an early age, Bernie will have found people looking to him to provide leadership, advice and wisdom in all manner of life’s potential challenges.

With this Incarnation Theme, Bernie has “……the potential to work out what people hope or expect to achieve in their lives, and from that vantage point can guide and direct them, assisting everyone to make good choices.  Ultimately (Bernie)……realizes great satisfaction when he sees that his efforts, supervision and engagement assists people to grow in their lives…..”  (From The Book of Destinies, to be released through New World Library, 2016).

In his Life Chart, Bernie has a single defined Channel, 25 – 51, called Initiation, Questing for Unity, that connects between Self and Heart Centers.  This Channel provides power to transcend any apparent boundaries between the material and spiritual realms.  Hence we can see Bernie’s extraordinary appeal to his constituents in Vermont (who gave him a 71% voting approval), and to the hundreds of thousands of people who have contributed an average of $34 each (in $15 million total contributions) to his 2016 Presidential campaign.

Initiation brings the power of the Heart Center into direct contact with the Self Center, applying Bernie’s Heart Center’s willfulness to his Self Center’s sense of direction, purpose, connectedness and love.   One of the seven purely creative Channels in Human Design, Initiation, sometimes called the ‘Shaman’ Channel, can take Bernie and other people into entirely new realms of consciousness and personal appreciation.  In its lowest sense, Initiation obsessively pushes to the front of anything; it is potentially highly competitive but rarely overtly violent.   In its highest sense, Initiation catalyzes an evolution towards a unified Spirituality of attuned Individuals.  Ultimately, Initiation empowers individuals to honor their own true Self.  It is a potential bridge joining the world of matter to a world of purity. (From The Definitive Human Design Training DVD Series

Of all the 36 Channels in Human Design, the Channel of Initiation is the only Channel that connects between the needs of Community, including families, tribes, groups, teams, unions and all the way to corporations and even nationalities that hold to particular internal principles of common support, and the individual who is particular about his or her freedom to be respected as an individual with human rights, freedom of speech, religion and the pursuit of fair access to wealth and prosperity.

As a Projector, Bernie lives in an environment of invitations, both given and received.  For any Projector, there is a constant need to attune to people and situations in your life to see if those people and current circumstances are relating directly to you and your Design.  This means, there is a resonance between the defined Channels and Centers in your Projector Design and with what is going on around you in terms of people, invitations and opportunities you give and receive.

In Bernie’s case, his Life Chart shows him to be a pure individual who has to live by his own truth, whether or not that suits anyone else’s opinions, rules and beliefs.  His Design focuses on empowerment of the individual, rather than complicity with the status quo.  Hence he finds great popularity and support with those who feel encrusted in obsolete, one-sided systems and mismanaged bureaucracies.

Bernie, as we have said, has a Projector Design through which he flourishes when operating around people who really appreciate his powerfully individual expressions.  He also has Self-Projected Authority, which we will discuss in detail, along with a description of other features in his Human Design in the next section….stay tuned!



In our next artickle, we will go more deeply into Bernie’s Design to see how he is designed to relate to current political and world circumstances.