Ben and Jen: Part 2 of the Nodes effect….

When Ben and Jen’s Life Charts are combined, we see a very full and complete Design.

Everything that Ben contributes is colored green, and everything from Jen’s Design is colored blue. The combined Life Chart has seven defined Centers and two undefined Centers: The Crown Center and our place of inspiration and here with a single activation in Gate 61 with Ben’s North Node in 61, 

“Inner Truth,” and the 6th Line “Being Insightful …..Expressing your truth through personal  experiences can inspire others practically or not…”and the Heart/Willpower Center where Jennifer’s unconscious Mars activates Gate 51, “Arousing,” and Line 2, “Surviving……. You confidently take well-timed, evasive action in overwhelming situations.”

An initial indication here is that as long as Ben and Jen are inspired in their lives together (in accord with Ben’s 61.6) through the people and projects that come into their lives they will have a common ground of exploration and expansion together, however, whenever things come to a boil in their partnership, their combined aims will be subject to Jen’s ability to sidestep complications, particularly in areas of willpower and being decisive in what they “want” together as partners.

In any partnership chart where there are two or more undefined Centers, it is important that both parties resolve their differences through the same undefined Centers at any particular moment in time….here for Ben and Jen, there is a tendency for Ben to remain identified with his mind, while Jen can remain indecisive in heart.

In other aspects of their combined charts, they have four areas of “Friendship” where they both have activations in the same Gates: 8, “Uniting,”45, “Gathering Together,” 46, “Serendipity,” and 58, “Joyous Vitality,” and these are areas of their lives together where disputes or differences can be resolved because both of them can find the same viewpoint …….if they choose to remember to do so.

In looking at their destinies as described through the Nodes, it is immediately apparent that Jen’s conscious Nodes (South Node 56.5 and North Node 60.5) echo the genetic input she received from her parents through her unconscious Sun and Earth (Mom’s input 56.4 and Dad’s input 60.4). In other words, she is living out aspects of her parents’ lives without necessarily being aware of this.

Jen’s South Node destiny in Gate 56, “The Wanderer,” and Line 5, “Storytelling: Drawing people to your tales and adventures” was an obvious actuality in her movies and TV series to date. The shift in her destiny happened around June 9th, 2014 to Gate 60, “Limitation,” and Line 5, “Finding Inner-Independence : Accepting any restrictions agreeably has great effect,” implying that she came to a point of personal strength to withstand and move through any changing circumstances in her life.

For Ben, his conscious Nodes are 62, “Expressed Details,” and Line 6, “Accepting Limits: Recognizing practical limitations in all your endeavors,” dreaming large and realizing that many others could not necessarily follow him to where he envisaged going. For Ben, his destiny shifted around May 31st, 2014, to Gate 61, “Inner Truth,” and the 6th Line “Being Insightful …..Expressing your truth through personal experiences can inspire others practically or not…” where he was brought to the conclusion that his personal experiences were no longer having the same appeal to those closest to him, especially if these experiences were not grounded in the practical aspects of life like raising a family in traditional ways and being available for the more simple aspects of life.

The aspects of Ben and Jen’s partnership that have been and will continue to be of great value to each other is the complete “Integration Circuit” involving Gates 34, 57, 10 and 20, giving them each recognition of their tremendous strengths as individuals, and their great need to live by their own individual truth at any time. Through Jen, Ben has also been partnered with a very powerfully and emotionally motivated and spirited woman, and will have received an enormous education in some extreme expressions of human emotions. At the same time, through Ben, Jen has been partnered with a truly talented and gifted man who is constantly driven to follow his own convictions wherever they might take him and whether they coincide with others’ expectations or not.

I foresee that Jen and Ben will remain firm friends and champions for each other and their children throughout their lifetimes, although they may no longer be taking part in what might be considered a traditional married life.

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