Astrology and Human Design: Living Your Best Life, Part 2


In my last blog post, I explained some of the main values and benefits of learning about your Astrological chart. I explained how Astrology can help to reveal some of the hidden aspects of our personalities and circumstances. But while Astrology tells us ‘Why’ our lives are the way they are, it doesn’t explain ‘How’ we are meant to navigate our lives. While it might reveal potential challenges and opportunities, it does not offer concrete insight on how to overcome these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities.


This is the key difference between Astrology and Human Design.


That’s not to say that Astrology and Human Design are opposed to each other. In fact, Astrology and Human Design share an intimate link. Human Design is a synthesis of several modern sciences and ancient wisdom traditions including Astrology.


Human Design draws from quantum physics, human genetics, the Chinese I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, as well as Astrology. It combines these disciplines seamlessly into an entirely new schematic that offers a more complete, holistic system for personal understanding.




A Human Design chart is like a road map for your life.

It provides deep insight into the unique story of your life. It helps explain your successes and failures. It reveals your subconscious behavioral patterns and unveils the ways in which you’ve strayed from your truth.


Now, this all may sound like the outcome of an Astrology reading, but here’s where Human Design goes further:

Your Human Design chart will reveal your Type and Authority, which effectively helps you to successfully navigate life. Knowing your Human Design Type will help you to determine your strategy for navigating life, interacting with people, and approaching situations you’ll face each and every day.


Knowing your authority will empower you to make clear, reliable decisions in every situation.

And this is key. Where Astrology will make you aware of a challenge ahead, knowing your authority will enable you to do something about it. It will empower you to make the right decision when any challenge arises. Or conversely, it will empower you to make the right decision when an opportunity presents itself so that you never have to let success pass you by again.


In short, knowing your type and authority eliminates resistance and friction from your life.

Without knowledge of your type and authority, you are in danger of living a life you weren’t meant to live. Astrology can help shine a light on this life. It can help you become aware of the challenges you’ll face.  Human Design equips you with the exact guidance you need to overcome any obstacle and redraw your life the way it should be. And when you have the benefits of both systems as Carola and Chetan teach, the results you can achieve are huge. 


With this in mind, I want you to understand that I am not trying to downplay Astrology or its importance. I am simply trying to say that it is one important part of a greater constellation of self-discovery. In essence, Human Design completes the picture that Astrology begins. If you would like to learn more about Human Design, I encourage you to get your free Human Design Report here and get started on your journey of total self-discovery.


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