2012 : The Human Design New Year

The Year for Entrepreneures and Bold Dreamers

Unlike referencing the Roman or other Calendars, Human Design recognizes the commencement of any New Year with the entry of our Sun into that part of the sky around us that we associate with the 41st hexagram. This typically occurs on January 22nd


        Part of the knowledge that came with Human Design is that each of the 64 hexagrams of the IChing accord with one of the 64 genetic codons in the human genome. Additionally, each one of the 64 hexagrams accords to a portion of the starfields around us. These starfields are emitting neutrinos with particular attributes that interact with the energies of the planets in our solar system....and in turn, interact with the genetic codings within us. In other words, from our very birth, we are directly connected into the energies of the Universe around us, and consequently connected into each other as well by the flows of neutrinos between the stars and us. We are truly, children of the Universe.


        The significance of hexagram 41 is that in genetic terms it is the "start codon" in all of our genetic codings. It represents the beginning, the dream, the vision, the potential of any- and everything that happens in our lives. As the Sun enters the 41st hexagram, it activates the opening of a new page in our life experiences when we are given the opportunity to measure our lives by how fulfilled we are.....and how fulfilled we would like to be.


        As the Human Design New Year opens, let's have a look at the chart for the moment our Sun goes into Hexagram 41 and the energetic imprint of the Universe on our earth for that time.



        First, the Incarnation Theme for the moment the New Year begins, one of 112 different Themes that describe our life's journey, is called "The Unexpected," indicating that anything is possible. It is a magical moment in which we can deliberately aim ourselves toward being fulfilled by trusting in our dreams, visions, yearnings and clear desires.  


        In the Life Chart for the moment the sun enters Hexagram 41, (which occurs on January 22 or 23, 2012, depending on where you are in the world,) there are two defined Channels, 41-30, and the 27-50. (See Chart).


        Channel 30-41 is the Channel of Recognition through which we discern the potential experiences that are offered to us, and feel within ourselves how much we are drawn to a particular experience and how much attention and intention we are going to commit to it, or not.


        There are two ways to enter into any experience, the one, where you are not sure if having the experience is a good idea, and question what everyone might say about you if you do it, so even if you do undertake the experience, your approach is half-hearted at best, and you never derive a sense of completion or fulfillment from what happens. The other way to enter an experience is with totality; you weigh up your feelings and come to a point of emotional clarity, then make a jump, a quantum leap into the experience. Whatever happens within the experience, you come out of it with a sense of completion that opens you to all forms of new experiences with an added confidence.


        As 2012's New Year kicks off, we are offered the choice of how we are going to live through this year : with passion and purpose, or with a more timid approach where we stick to what appears to be "safe." Whereas Gate 41 is activated by the sun, shining its light into a whole realm of possibilities, Gate 30 is activated by Neptune, encouraging us to be complete with any and all desires that do not serve our spiritual and wholesome growth. Neptune is about to enter into Gate 55, the Gateway to Abundance that colors the entire year ahead, so it is a great time to wrap up and finalize all those associations that need completion and closure, leaving us free to embrace the Abundance that is possible this year. 2012 is the year for those who have bold dreams!


        The other Channel present in the Life Chart, is 27-50, the Channel of care-giving and care-taking, indicates a need for us to clarify what our real needs are in life, and how we might contribute more toward the greater good, leading to a more wholesome and healthy world. Most of us are aware of the imbalances in the world in terms of who gets access to nourishing resources, and who is denied them. The extraordinary squandering of resources and energy being poured into defense, security, Western medicine and pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, politics, prison and other unconsciously parasitic ventures is up for re-evaluation in this year ahead. The planet Saturn activates Gate 50 in a way that will highlight corrupted concepts and practices that need realigning toward serving wholesomeness.


        Reading other parts of the Chart, 2012 is a year of following your Truth (Gate 61), allowing for your Creativity (Gate 1), your Insights (Gate 43) and your Innocent Presence in Life (Gate 25), to trust you own Influence (Gate 31) in your own life, so that you can move on in your Own Way (Gate 28) towards New Horizons (Gate 3), and embrace everyone around you Lovingly (Gate 37) while finding and promoting Resolutions to any and all Conflict (Gate 6).  Stated simply, 2012 is a year of being guided from within, to be encouraged and supported in your individuality, and to live by your truth. 


        In Human Design, we look at the body of humanity as distributed into three groups :

        Individual, Tribal and Collective.


        Individuals as the name implies, follow the beat of their own drum, often taking quantum leaps in discovery and personal growth.

        The Tribal person is oriented towards supporting their own family, group, community or club.

        The Collective approach to life involves considering the good of the whole, but unfortunately has been reduced to a "majority rule" process of evaluating what is supposedly good for all. When I use the word "collective," I am pointing towards the systems that are set in place to favor a 51% majority over any individual's or tribally oriented person's point of view. It is fascinating to watch the area of the world that started the collective approach to governing life, Greece, is also the place from which the whole world's financial reality is ready to topple.

        The collective approach to arranging life's affairs is not succeeding, and is mirrored in the appalling approval ratings of governments around the world.  


        Corporations are driven to producing financial profits and self-aggrandizing advantages, and with few exceptions justify their actions accordingly. Banks have written their own rules for years, riding roughshod over the very people they say they serve, and their systems are being challenged overtly by the "Occupy Movements."  

        The 300-odd major world religions have been insisting on their exclusivity for aeons, distracting individuals systematically away from their own perfect nature. Religions go against a fundamental law of life : Existence cannot and does not duplicate itself. We are all here as unique expressions of consciousness in human form. This is our most extraordinary gift. 


        Now is the time for individuals to step forward, for entrepreneurs, and most particularly entrepreneures to present their gifts and abilities to realign the world to the paradise it can be, rather than the hell it has become. This is Mother Earth, with inherently feminine principles. It is time for us all to move consciously to our hearts, and away from sole reliance on the constricting dictates and imposed obligations of the mind. This is one earth with one nature and one citizenry. It is time for us all to be responsible world citizens. The energies of 2012 give us the opening for that to take place.  


        Have a Happy, Abundant and Empowering New Year!