What is a Life Path Reading? Hearing the Call of the Inner Voice

If you’re wondering “What is a Life Path, and what is a Life Path Reading exactly?” It is helpful to first take a look at what I mean when I say ‘Inner Voice’:

Do you ever feel a yearning deep within yourself? A tugging sensation in your stomach that tells you something isn’t quite right? Sometimes it’s difficult to say what it is exactly. It feels like impatience, an urgency in the core of your being.


It sometimes crops up while you’re working at some menial task you’d rather not be doing. Sometimes it pops up out of nowhere, while you’re driving, while you’re watching a movie, while you’re trying to get to sleep.


This sensation doesn’t always manifest solely as a feeling. Sometimes it comes as a voice. A voice that questions whether or not you are on the right path, whether or not your career is right for you, whether or not your relationships are as fulfilling as they could or should be. A whisper in your ear that tells you that you deserve more, that you are meant for more.


Most of us write these things off as mere anxiety and self-doubt, so we push that nagging feeling back down below the surface. We tell that whispering voice to shut up and leave us alone.


What is the Inner Voice?

Turning away from this voice can be detrimental to our psychic and spiritual health. That’s because this feeling is a manifestation of our authentic self. It’s a call from the soul to wake up and shake ourselves out of our collective ruts. Like the annoying voice of your car’s GPS system that harasses you whenever you’ve made a wrong turn—”recalculating, recalculating, recalculating”—this call is our authentic selves telling us that somewhere along the way we’ve veered off course. We need to recalculate and get back on track.


Avoiding this call is very common, of course. It’s a fear response. It’s a defense mechanism designed to protect the psyche from upheaval and the insecurity of the unknown.  So invested are we in our current life’s course that the thought of making a major change is beyond consideration. So, when we hear that little voice telling us we were meant for more, or that our current course isn’t quite right for us, we naturally shy away from the call. After all we’ve done to get where we are today, the very prospect of uprooting our lives and starting over can be extremely jarring.



What is the Inner Voice trying to tell us?

This is a misunderstanding of what the call means. Your authentic self does not necessarily yearn for a major reorganization of your life. Just because you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way on your life’s journey, it doesn’t mean you have to slam on the breaks and throw your life into reverse. Sometimes small incremental changes can open you up to the life you were always meant to live. And sometimes, a simple recalibration of how you see yourself, know yourself, and understand your purpose in the world is all that it takes. But the first step is to simply listen to that inner call.


So, if you’re still asking, “What is a Life Path Reading?” In short: it is a direct translation of your Inner Voice.


In my next blog post, I’ll go into greater detail about what it means to listen to and answer the call of the authentic self. In the meantime, you can find more information about accessing your path and purpose with a Life-Path Reading right here.




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