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Ben and Jen: Part 2 of the Nodes effect….

When Ben and Jen’s Life Charts are combined, we see a very full and complete Design.  Everything that Ben contributes is colored green, and everything from Jen’s Design is colored blue.  The combined Life Chart has seven defined Centers and two undefined Centers: The Crown Center and our place of inspiration and here with a single activation in Gate 61 with Ben’s North Node in 61, “Inner Truth,” and the 6th Line “Being Insightful …..Expressing your truth through personal experiences can inspire others practically or not…”and the Heart/Willpower Center where Jennifer’s unconscious Mars activates Gate 51, “Arousing,” and Line 2, “Surviving…….

Relationships and The “Nodes Effect” | Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

By Chetan Parkyn There is an old adage that says life begins at 40, and everyone who has passed their 40th year will know that something dramatic shifts between the ages of 38 and 44. It is almost like an apprenticeship has been completed and a whole new way of life is opening up, and you either surrender and move gracefully into the new lifestyle, or else suffer some bumps and bruises as the shift happens anyway.  In this month’s article, we are looking at the Life Charts of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to throw light on a powerful relationship that is shifting into a new form.